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Prerequisites :

Two things are essential for running kannel on a windows machine :


2.Kannel source code

Installation :

Download the cygwin setup file from the link given on this page and then install cygwin into some directory. Remember you have to install the development tools required to compile kannel.

Beacuse it will be needed to compile the source code of kannel. These are as given in the Official kannel documentation on

Extract the Kannel source code .zip file into some directory.

Using cygwin command prompt , compile and install kannel

./configure (Hit enter)

make(Hit enter)

Starting the services :

Add three services viz. kannel_bearerbox , kannel_smsbox and kannel_wapbox to the registry using cygwin command prompt. For example the following lines of code will add smsbox.exe service to the registry, and after that you will be able to run the service using the next command.

cygrunsrv -I kannel_smsbox -d “Kannel SMS box” -p c:/gateway-1.4.1/gw/smsbox.exe -a c:/gateway-1.4.1/gw/smskannel.conf (Added service)

Running a service

Open the Cygwin command prompt

cygrunsrv -S kannel_smsbox (Started the service)

You can check in the task manager is the service is really running or not.To stop a service using cygwin :

cygrunsrv -E kannel_smsbox (Stopped the service)

To remove a service using cygwin :

cygrunsrv -R kannel_smsbox (Removed the serive)



  1. Hey buddy,
    Thanks a lot for the article,
    BTW did u used any gui admin-like webmin- tool for this installation of kannel on windows ?! Or do u have any idea How I can do that ?!

    Thanks again

  2. hey Aria, Thanks for appreciating,
    No i didnt use any tool, webmin or anything.
    I hope this helped.,

  3. Saurabh, is this thing reliable and scalable on Windows?
    We’re having no success configuring it on Linux – not connecting to the CDMA modem, it seems. Any thoughts?

  4. then how do i send the message

    • Hi,

      There are plenty of options that you can use to send messages. The simplest approach would be developing a simple webpage/service which will provide you with an interface that you can connect to your kannel box and send message. Simply by doing this you will be making a bridge between your web service and your sms service for user simplicity. I hope this helps.

  5. Sapna from this site. This aritle will be helyful me. Can We talk.

    Sorry for bad english.

    • Kannel Connoisseur
    • Posted January 3, 2009 at 5:25 pm
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    • Reply

    Hey, just wanted to let you know – I started a resource guide that I am working on in my spare time.

    I found this by complete mistake, but I added your site as the second resource (LOL).

    Just FTI Mate.

    Plus, there seems to be only two posts on the site, I really wish you would write more 🙂

    Here is the ref:


    • Hi jamal,

      thanks for your interest and i wanted to let you know that from now on i will be writing regularly.

  6. HI Saurabh,

    I also want to install kannelon windows as i am not able to install it on linux.So can u give me the whole procedure with requirements.Is it working properly on windows have u tested?

    • Hi,

      1) I have tested this procedure on windows and its works perfectly alright. I have tested with own sms box as well as skype services, works very well with both.

      2) The only major difference between using it on linux and kannel is actually not a big difference. Just commands are a little different, if you are familiar with linux, use sshd instead of cygrunsrv and change the paths accordingly. Thats all there is to it. And secondly configure and make commands will execute similarly on both so there you go.

      Let me know if there is anything else i can help with.

  7. can you list the packages needed in cygwin so kannel may run well?

  8. Hi Irpan,

    You dont need to install all of the cygwin package sets but the following packages are the minimum requirement for compiling kannel (Found under the Devel section in the package list):


    • Hi Harald,

      thanks for sharing the useful information.

  9. Thank you

  10. I also need to know which cygwin packages are required to compile kannel on windows ?

    • sadiqabbas hirani
    • Posted February 17, 2010 at 11:37 am
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    try this link

    hope u find it useful

    gui installer and service starter

    • Emmanuel Gabriel
    • Posted September 4, 2010 at 4:08 am
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    I am new user of Kannel,I just installed Cygwin into my laptop right now,i intend to run kannel on windows vista.But apparently,i have installed Cygwin and installed all kannel features.I have also started Cygwin environment which obviously looks like Unix system environment. I have also downloaded the zip file of kannel [gateway-1.4.3]into my system.

    My question now is,which folder do i extract the gateway-1.4.3 source code? and what are the necessary steps to compile it and run?

    • Hi Emmanuel,

      There is no particular directory in which you have to compile the gateway, just download the source in any directory , use the terminal to go into the directory and then use the configure and make commands, this should do it. And while running services just replace the path, “c:/gateway-1.4.1/gw/smsbox.exe” with the path that you have used for the source code compilation.

  11. Please help me with advise where from I can dowload smppbox for Kannel which
    works under windows.


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